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Individual Rights and the Common Good: A Conflicting or Harmonious Relationship? Name of Student Course Title Name of Professor Date of Submission Introduction The issue of the alleged incompatibility between individual rights and the greater good or the good of the larger society has been one of the most seriously and repeatedly debated in contemporary life; the very issue contrarily interpreted by Ayn Rand and Emmanuel Mesthene.


This essay argues that individual rights and the common good can be reconciled; that it would be disastrous to adhere to only one principle. For instance, some claim that the authority bestowed upon individuals by private property rights is very dangerous to the common good; criminologists claim that protecting the criminals’ individual rights is endangering the common good by letting criminals walk; advocates who are focused on the overall moral environment of the society claim that protecting the rights of individuals to take unsafe drugs will certainly challenge public moral standards, whereas others, who are interested in the market’s ethical standing, generally conveys displeasure with the right to freedom of trade and commerce, declaring that these sorts of freedom set free the forces of insatiability, greed, and materialism to the detriment of unity, peace, and civility. Reconciling Individual Rights and the Common Good The restriction of individual rights seldom takes place without asserting or demanding some public value from it. And leading scholars, such as Mesthene, and governing political forces use this public value to justify their agenda of restricting individual rights. ...
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