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General Plan Name Institutional Affiliation Element Evaluation from a General Plan Whenever we here of the word plan what runs in our minds is a procedure or steps carried out to accomplish a certain task or goal. Combining both general and plan they give the strategy of land uses that are acceptable in each jurisdiction.


As well as activities that are acceptable on every land parcel, this provides every area with compatibility and continuity as well as those individuals who border those areas. Taking an example of a general plan of Albany, in New York and, the element of land use element has been addressed of which its purpose is to benefit individuals and shape development of cities this is vividly seen in reference with the cities prospective of which its plans are to shape the road ahead, with a target that they feel should be accomplished in the future twenty years from the current time. In the land use plan land uses a pattern known as the spatial distribution all over the city and ways in which for instance the occupants or even enterprises make use of land that is available. The goals that are entailed in this element are simple but at the same time work best, it ties to the six original visions statements which are original and its aim is to support the adoption of a balanced future land use pattern standing with these concepts. There’s also strategies in the land use element and has suggestions such as the utilization of properties that have been neglected or could be they are not occupied, maps are used to guide decisions in the transportation connections land generally the use of land. The land use map outlines a number of lands uses for instance what is referred to as the downtown hub. ...
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