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DESIGN THINKING By Name Course Instructor Institution Location Date Introduction Scholars have had a heated debate on the exact definition of design thinking because others scholars supported the fact that design thinking was what the designers did while other scholars found no concrete reason to differentiate design from design thinking.


124). In a shorter term design thinking is the act of adopting a creative perspective and utilizing the creativity to enhance or improve the quality of an organization’s product. Design thinking has multiple benefits to organizations because it greatly promotes innovative measures and progress. This is the case because design thinking helps an organization to think in radical ways that enhance the despondence towards unexpected challenges of thinking and doing differently (Best 2006, p. 97). More so, design thinking lays a platform for knowledge transfer within an organization. This means that, with current changes in trends and tastes of products and services, organizations are forced to look for innovative measures that add value to its products and at the same time cut costs. This improvement is driven by innovation and design; hence, the designgreatlyimpacts an organization’s innovative strategy (Best 2006, p. 97). An example of a company that relies on design thinking is the renowned Apple Inc, whose every product innovation and production is based on design thinking. ...
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