Organisation of choice: Sony - Strategic use of Design-Thinking

Organisation of choice: Sony - Strategic use of Design-Thinking Essay example
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DESIGN THINKING BY NAME COURSE COLLEGE PRESENTED TO DATE Design thinking Today, due to a highly competitive operating environment, organisations have devised new ways of ensuring competitiveness in a crowded market. Most organisations have realised that the traditional problem solving methods are no longer viable due to sophistication of organisations.Moroever, the increasing need to understand each and every problem that may limit the organisation from attaining its competitiveness motivates organisations to approach new methods.This has led to a new culture of identifying, analysing and putting in place measures to solve a problem towards achieving competitiveness in the market.


Design school had its origin around 2005, when SAP AG co-founder Plattner Hasso was inspired by the practice after reading an article in a magazine about the renowned global consultancy IDEO, an organisation that is regarded the leader in design thinking (Korn & Silverman, 2012). The main drive behind this school was instilling creativity and innovation attitudes in managers and employees. Organisations such as Bill Gates Foundation, JetBlue Airways among others have initiated methods of working closely with the school of thought as test phase study with impressive results already showing (Korn & Silverman, 2012). Design thinking entails passing of an idea in several stages. ...
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