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Name: Course: Date: Airplanes Designs and how are they affect the performance of the airplane How Airplanes Designs affect the performance of the airplane Airplanes Designs have an influence on the performance of an aircraft, considering that it is through the design that the ability of the airplane to takeoff, fly, to land, to increase the speed and to ensure that the safety of the travelers is enhanced (Wragg, 22).


However, the major concern of the aircrafts that were designed in the early 20th century, starting with the breakthrough that was made by the Wright brothers who developed the first full operational aircraft in 1903, was to develop an aircraft that was lighter than air (Anderson, 12). Therefore, the ancient designs focused on making lighter aircrafts, and therefore entailed the changes in the materials used to make the aircrafts. Further, the aircraft design influences the performance of the aircrafts by further introducing new performance requirements, especially during the first world war, when it became apparent that there was no way the war could have been won without air combat. As a result, the war crafts were designed to consist greater maneuverability, coupled with high speed and ability to fly high altitudes (Stokes, 147). Later, the design influenced the size of aircrafts, towards making large aircrafts to fly, while also allowing heavy loads to be flown in their air, without the impact of the weight of the aircraft brining the air craft down (Wragg, 31). ...
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