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Assignment example - Use of Computer based Technology in Engineering Design

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Design & Technology
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Engineering is a profession that trains personnel to have skills for use in design. Through evolution design has had a good share of technological advancement. This has been necessitated by the complexity of designs required to achieve solutions…

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Use of Computer based Technology in Engineering Design

Many software applications have been developed to help engineers in this course of design. The most utilised software is AutoCAD. It is an application capable of achieving 2D and 3D designs. The founders of AutoCAD made a decision to code it using C programming language. That is the main reason why AutoCAD is able to support object customization through C++ Application Programming Interface (API). The design tool has a set of basic modelling tools for solids in 2D and 3D orientations. Earlier versions of the design tool made use of lines, arcs, circles and polylines while modern tools have additional functionalities like mental ray engine. The modern design tool has made quality designs achievable. The design is done on a space with provision of user interface aid standards. The standard tool bar is at the top, it lists label from left to right. The designer uses the menu bar; tool sets palette and command line at the bottom to access the very many available objects and commands. By clicking on them the cursor changes to the object of interest. The drawing space displays an XY axis of a rectangular. This is a coordinate system (UCS). Before starting a design, select units for the line and angle of the drawing (Gindis). The CAD tool allows the designer to draw, format, edit, save and retrieve drawing. Like all the other applications, to save a drawing click FILE then proceed to save. ...
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