NFC: Detailed Introduction and Operation

NFC: Detailed Introduction and Operation Case Study example
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Near Field Communications and their Operations Name: Instructor: Date: Introduction Over the last three decades, there has been significant improvement and advancement in technology with telecommunication sector being the major beneficiary of these technological advancements.


The concept of ‘Internet of Thing’ is closely related to network ubiquity, which refers to identification, virtual connectivity and tracking of daily connection objects. This connectivity if the object and the virtual communication system have been enabled by the introduction of modern technology, particularly NFC (Near Field Communication), a device that is responsible for linking virtual information to different physical devices through proximity (Langer, & Roland, 2010). Nearly every place or object can supplied with this technology (NFC tags) and this would aid in providing useful information and proximate identification to the smart device users such as smartphones and tablet computers. For instance, the application of this device would provide detailed information about a music concert advert as well as allowing purchasing of the concert’s tickets using their phones as the technology allows for direct dispensing of the tickets through the smartphones and computers. The technological interaction behind the NFC has remained invisible to majority of the users who are unleobtrusively struck to concern posters (Langer, & Roland, 2010). The validity of these tickets can simply be verified by just waving the smartphone or computer across the NFC reader device installed at the entrance to the hall. ...
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