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Name Course Instructor Date Internet in Life Outline A. Introduction i. History of computer. ii. History of internet B. Benefits of the internet I. Social benefits i. Internet and communication ii. Internet and education iii. Internet and entertainment II.


However, using a computer today is fun because of the internet. The internet has become such a necessity that it is almost impossible to figure out how our lives would be without it. Since its invention the whole world has become one big community as people are able to communicate with each other despite the distance between them or the different time zones they are in (Rosenberg 22; Tapscott,60) Parents can follow the proceedings of their children’s graduation ceremony through the internet, doctors can communicate with their patients and business executives can have boardroom meetings with colleagues from all over the world. This paper seeks to critically examine the benefits of the internet in our social lives and in sectors like communication, education, economy and politics. Computers have become one of the greatest innovations the world has ever had. They have changed the way people organise, perform, analyse and store their work. Almost every home in the world has at least one computer. Today, tasks are performed faster and more efficiently since people are using these machines in executing the tasks. According to Swedin, Gottfrid and Ferro, history of the computer dates back to the nineteenth century when Charles Babbage designed the first computer. The World War II and the Cold War led to the development of digital computers as nations sought to tighten their security. ...
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