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Advantages of miniaturization Miniaturization is very vital as it has several advantages. It requires low cost, has the ability to accommodate greater density and it is high in speed. The small electronics are very faster as the signals they transmit travel over short distances and the devices do not travel for long distances within the implemented device. Furthermore, packing of small sized devices is quite advantageous as it help reduce the cost incurred in the electronics. For instance, though four times the memory capacity, a 1-megabit DRAM chip which contains 256-kilobit DRAM is less costly as compared to a product of same space. The number of chips on a system determines the total cost of the circuit therefore, 1-megait of DRAM used reduces the probable number of memory chips in the long run reducing the prices as compared to a four 256 kilobit DRAM in use. In addition, the prices of logic devices have gone down due to the greater integration and reduction in the size of the transistors. Miniaturization is also vital as it has the ability to create new markets through enabling new and advanced applications. For instance, through development of the microprocessors which is a very small component in an integrated circuit has led to expansion of markets for personal computers. The flat panel displays with the improved packaging of chips have contributed to the advancement of battery-powered computers. ...
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MINATURIZATION Name Instructor Institution Course Date Introduction Miniaturization refers to the creation of small scale optical mechanical and electronic devices and products. This implies that miniaturization is a continuous trend that is involved producing several devices…
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