Dissertation sample - How Does Interface Design on social networking website Impact on today's Youth?

How Does Interface Design on social networking website Impact on today
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How Does Interface Design on social networking website Impact on today's Youth? CHAPTER 1 Customer’s Name Course Table of Contents Aims and Objectives 5 Abstract 6 Chapter 1 7 INTRODUCTION 7 1.3 Research Methodology: 9 b) Methods of Data Collection: 10 c) Limitations & Ethics Issue: 11 Charts and Figures 11 1.2 Demographic profile based upon Age Group: 12 1.3 Online Users Based Upon Educational Qualification: 13 1.4 Online Users Based Upon Active Hours of Internet Usage per Day: 14 1.5 Do you have your Profile on any of these Social Networking Websites?…


edly taken over by the Digital Revolution. The Internet has changed the face of our world. Web based and Social Networking Websites and Soft wares have broadened our horizons and now we have plenty of new opportunities to choose from. First of all, online learning and Web based teaching have become synonymous with Face-to-Face learning. Secondly, each day new aspects of web based solutions are made available for the ease of online students. The only issue that must not be neglected is the protection of one’s privacy and safety. The young users are vulnerable and prone to many a web based menaces and exposed to a whole new world of Internet crimes. ...
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