Technostructural Intervention of TRW Systems.

Technostructural Intervention of TRW Systems. Essay example
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It is reported that TRW was formed in 1957 by the merger of Thompson Products, Inc. and the Ramo-Woolridge Corporation, Thompson Products, a Cleveland-based manufacturer, or auto and aircraft parts, which had made $500,000 to assist Rimon Ramo and Dean Wooldridge, start the business in 1953.


(Thompson, Seher, and Kotter, 1976) Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation experienced quick growth due to its ties to the “accelerating ICBM program that the air force was sponsoring. Following the win on the contract bid for the job of providing technical supervision of the ICBM program it is reported that RW gradually expanded its capability to include advance planning for future ballistic weapons systems and space technology and by providing technical advice to the Air Force.” (Thompson, Seher, and Kotter, 1976) RW was held by many to be a ‘quasi-government’ agency with some of the aerospace industry competitors resenting the opportunities presenting in the audit and examination RW conducted on their operations. RW was due to this relationship with the Air Force prohibited from competition for mainframe and assembly work for the Air Force. TRW made the decision, following the merger of 1959 with Thompson that the hardware ban was too great a liability and moved to free the Systems Group from its limiting relationship with the Air Force. (Thompson, Seher, and Kotter, 1976, paraphrased) Because of the value of the services provided by RW to the Air Force a solution was created calling for a non-profit organization to be created by the Air Force and specifically the Aerospace Corporation. This Corporation is reported to have assumed the “advance planning and broad technical assistance” formerly provided by the Systems Group. ...
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