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Health professionals are confronted with problems on how best to resolve medical emergencies that face their clients. The response accorded to a patient at the time of need directly affects the chances of survival. In this regard, the health professional require relevant and sophisticated interventions in order to assist amicably in medical emergencies.


Per the European Union legal framework, a medical device is an apparatus that is used in diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of diseased conditions where its mode of action is not through chemical action in a patient’s body. Medical devices consist of enormous variations with regard to their sophistication and scope of use, which ranges from tongue depressors to medical robots and cardiac pacemakers. Biomedical engineering involves fundamental aspects of the device production including designing, system analysis, and practical application. This is in line with ensuring that quality and reliable devices. This paper seeks to highlight defibrillators as medical devices with regard to their history, scope of application and safety aspects of the device in terms of human factors engineering. It is estimated that about 30,000 people in the United Kingdom experience cardiac arrest away from the hospital annually and they are assisted by medical emergency response units (Resuscitation Council, 2010). Such assistance is facilitated by the availability of portable medical devices, which prove essential in the delivery of the critically required services. Among the crucial devices required in relieving the effects of cardiac arrest is the defibrillator. ...
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