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STUDENT’S NAME: INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: COURSE TITLE: DATE: DISNEY ROMANTIC FANTASY Question 1 Romantic fantasy remains a genre of fantasy fiction using the conventional elements of the Romance genre. Romantic films are published using fantasy or romantic lines or a combination of both while encompassing the topics of human relationships, social, political, environmental and cultural lifestyles of human beings.


The story therefore unfolds to introduce an antagonistic force and a protagonist that conflict each other where violence can be the ultimate solution to solve the problem. However, diplomatic and peaceful negotiations employment as a means of solving the problem is usually another characteristic. The stories of Beauty and the beast and the Beast and Wall-E, culminates within the aspects of Fantasy fiction whereby they teach certain moral values, discuss certain problems facing society thereby demonstrating the aspect of struggle to achieve something greater as is the case with romantic fantasy films. In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast is in a quest to find true love that will break his curse after a fairy hexed him. He therefore takes a great care of his roses that are a way of wooing his lover to be as is the case with Romantic films fantasy films. This is a story of unconditional love and offers great teachings to children and the society, about seeing people for who they are as people and not what they look like. It is especially great for child development as it gives them a standard of living in life. ...
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