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Dissertation example - Outsourcing Supply Chain Support and its Effectiveness and Implication in R&D Environment in Singapore

Outsourcing Supply Chain Support and its Effectiveness and Implication in R&D Environment in Singapore Dissertation example
Design & Technology
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Outsourcing Supply Chain Support and its Effectiveness and Implication in R&D Environment in Singapore Abstract This paper aims to study the outsourcing challenges and issues, speicifically related to information sharing between partners that are faced by precision tool R&D organizations in Singapore…

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The interviews of the employees of i3lab revealed that there were concerns about security and integrity of the information that is being shared with the outsourcing partners, and this leads to an inherent reluctance in sharing sensitive information. The research also included interviews of employees from three outsourcing partners of i3lab and it was found that lack of communications, lack of protocols for facilitating the information sharing between the partners was a cause of low standardization, loss of quality and increased costs due to delays and re-works. There appeared to be a lack of strategic approach and planning to information sharing at different stages of outsourcing supply chain, which led to ad hoc and inadequate communications. The research makes several recommendations to for the facilitation of the information sharing process for precision tools outsourcing supply chain management. It recommends the setting up of specific positions of information sharing and communications manager at the R&D organization and at the vendor level as well. These officers can be invested with the responsibility of ensuring that adequate and timely information is conveyed. Further, there is a need to strengthen the systems that ensure data privacy is maintained, and these need to go beyond mere signing of non-disclosure agreements. ...
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