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Security technology is an important part of any business, enabling businesses to protect their assets while reducing the amount of physical labor and time that is required. This allows the business to reduce their costs, by requiring fewer employees.


Security cameras are one aspect of business security that is commonly used across many different business types. Often a number of video cameras transmit their signals to a specific point, frequently a set of monitors. This system is known as closed-circuit television (CCTV) the name derives from the fact that although a television signal is produced it is not transmitted openly, and as a consequence cannot be picked up by exterior parties (Levine, 2000). The term CCTV can be technically used to refer to most types of video cameras; however, it is generally used to apply to those that are involved in security applications (Introna, 2000). In retail stores, CCTV systems are often used for security, monitoring both consumers and employees with the aim of preventing crime from occurring and for catching and prosecuting those that are involved in criminal acts within the store.
I have worked at Best Buy since I was 17 years of age beginning in the sales department, and currently am the Security/Loss Prevention Manager for my store. This role comes with a high amount of responsibility and I take pride in doing my job well and ensuring that my staff do also. Throughout my career at Best Buy one aspect of technology which I have used extensively and consider crucial to my work is the CCTV network of security cameras which is present as part of our store security system. ...
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