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The experiential learning cycle of Kolb describes the adult learning process from experience. The cycle has four stages; concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation, and active experimentation (The experiential learning cycle).


According to the theory, concrete experience is followed by reflection of the experience on a personal level. Based on the reflection, one may try to conceptualise some general rules followed by an attempt to see if the rules are logic. This leads to the next concrete experience. When I joined the OB team, I had a lot of expectations and hopes about my performance in the team. I dreamt of getting a good reputation the team, and I hoped to be happy as I always loved to be cared and appreciated by others. However, after joining the team, I realized that things were not exactly the same as I imagined. I was hardly getting any attention nor was I able to perform well as I had many areas in my work where I was weak. However, I was reluctant to seek others’ help as I thought it would make my position more vulnerable. In addition, as I was too sensitive to comments, even the slightest hints of neglect and negative comments depressed me. Soon, team activities became a nightmare for me. I became too conscious to avoid any mistake. In addition, I had a rather poor relation with other members of the team. The bitter experience that made me reflect upon my own nature took place in March 2011. There was a meeting of my team to develop a plan to handle a serious case. To my utter surprise and dismay, I found that I was given no important role to play in the case. ...
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