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How Technology Alters the Structure of Our Interests

In general, technology can be considered as the way in which methods can be used to solve problems, such as the use of tools, systems or machines. More specifically, the term can be used to apply to a collection of procedures, tools or machinery. For example, some of the more prominent recent technological advances could be considered, the internet, nuclear weapons and cell phones. The impacts that technology has on human civilization are many and varied. As humans continue to adapt and improve technology, these effects are likely to become more pronounced.
An example of the way in which technology has changed human systems is that of the creation of the wheel. The wheel was one of the earliest forms of technology that was invented, and with this technological advance came substantial changes. Prior to the invention of the wheel, our ancestors travelled by foot, however, once the wheel was developed methods of travelling changed. In turn, this led to the development of further technology, such as the development of the animal drawn cart and later trains and automobiles. As our ability to move increased, so too did the rate at which cultures intermingled. Consequently, cultures became less distinct, and interests became more shared among them. The invention of the wheel did not simply change methods of doing a task, but also altered the way that human interest was structured. ...
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Technology is a broad and complex field that that cannot easily be defined by a single concept or phrase. Yet it plays an important aspect in every part of our lives, particularly now, in the modern age. …
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