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Essay example - Conduct detailed literature survey on metal powder bed additive manufacturing (AM) methods

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Conduct detailed literature survey on metal powder bed additive manufacturing (AM) methods Essay example
Design & Technology
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Conduct detailed literature survey on metal powder bed additive manufacturing (AM) methods (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 List of Figures 3 1.0Background 4 2.0Introduction 5 3.0SLM History and the Way the Machine Works 6 3.1Applications 9 3.2Advantages 11 3.3Disadvantages 12 4.0EBM History and the Way the Machine Works 12 4.1Application 15 4.2Advantage 18 4.3Disadvantage 19 5.0Comparison 20 6.0Conclusion 21 List of References 23 List of Figures Figure 1: SLM - Selective Laser Melting and illustration of how it works 8 Figure 2: SLM's biomedical lower limp application 10 Figure 3: SLM's 3D applications 11 Figure 4: Electron Beam Melting 14 Fig…

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This process received considerable research and as a result, it was further expanded to incorporate metals and subsequently got into alloys that were used in the production of functional prototypes and also in the process of developing rapid tooling procedures (Rosochowski & Matuszak 2000, pp.191–198). The past practices have seen the status of SLS reconsidered based on rapid prototyping approaches, SLM with the use of phosphorous during the binding mechanism, post-processing that involved parts that were laser-sintered, metals that have undergone direct selective laser sintering, rapid tooling application, and consideration of materials that have been put to use. Substantial research has thus been done in this area and many publications made (Kruth, et al., 1998, pp.525–540). ...
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