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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 1.0.Background 2 2.0.Definition of outsourcing 3 3.0.Types of outsourcing 3 3.1.Think 180 outsourcing classification 4 3.2.Currie and Willcocks classification 5 3.3.Common classification 6 4.0.Reasons for outsourcing 7 4.1.The strategic reasons 7 4.2.The tactical reasons 9 V.0.Selecting what to outsource 9 6.0.Benefits of outsourcing 11 6.1.Benefits of outsourcing to companies 11 6.2.Benefits of outsourcing to America 13 7.0.Disadvantages of outsourcing 15 7.1.Disadvantages to companies 15 VII.2.Disadvantages to America 17 8.0.Conclusion 18 Works Cited 19 1.0.


Companies today are neither restricted to the exploitations of only local resources, they can source for resources across borders nor are the resources sourced abroad as expensive as they used to be. This ability has been the keystone for outsourcing. The question here is how did the world get to be this way? Friedman (2) advances that the world became flat in three major phases: Globalization 1.0, Globalization 2.0 and Globalization 3.0. Globalization 1.0, from 1492 to 1800, was led by countries seeking resources and imperial conquest. The second phase between 1800 and 2000 was led by companies in search of bigger markets and labor was Globalization 2.0. And ultimately, the period that we are currently in, Globalization 3.0 is spearheaded by individuals and/or small groups globalizing. Globalization 3.0 therefore means that anyone who is smart enough can innovate wherever she is without the need to emigrate to the West – United States or Western Europe. ...
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