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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY In any dissertation research methodology plays an important role to objectively collect data which is objectively analyzed to come up with research findings on the best way to implement a project. The research carried out is concerned with analyzing play and design (Archer, 1993).


However, through the interview there are both mistakes and improvements that when well covered would lead to a better game design that would accommodate all the aspects that would have been ignores in the previous design (Wolock et., al, 2010). It would be difficult to design a perfect game without a trial version. Through gained knowledge on the research nature it would be easier for the researcher to come up with aims and objectives that are supposed to be taken into account when designing a game. This would reduce the common mistakes which are obvious even to the fans hence creating a better understanding about the research in both quantitative and theoretical manner (Breakwell, 2006). Through research methodology, the dissertation is aimed at utilizing the various aspects such as philosophy, research design, research approaches and data collection to ascertain the requirements of play and design through research methodology (Ackermann, 2008). Fig1. Designing a game, Accessed from: http://moerg.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/img_1469.jpg?w=390&h=289, on 6th Nov 2011. Research Philosophy: Through the philosophical aspects it is important that the designer realizes the philosophical content of the research, for instance the realism, positivism and interpretive. These factors will determine the effects of the players and the audience. ...
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