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ClientTrack: use in Human service organizations Human Service organizations (HSOs) can use the ClientTrack case management system for both internal and external requirements. Such organizations require automated and fully integrated systems that can keep track of contracts and grants, ensure proper accounting according to locally accepted accounting principles and generate useful reports that can aid in organizational performance analysis and decision making (Adkins, 2008).


Client Track eliminates the need to maintain information associated with these transactions on paper and instead provides an online data entry interface that acts like an entry journal. Decline in the cost of hardware combined with the huge volumes of information that need to be stored and retrieved in the quickest fashion make ClientTrack a viable and cheaper alternative over the traditional bookkeeping approach in the longer term (Murer, 2011). The ClientTrack system is also configured to handle the latest funder requirements that call for better program evaluation and accountability. Today’s agencies have adopted new strategies and have diversified their funding sources. Thus, HSOs today have to manage a portfolio of funds and cater to the rapidly changing requirements of each constituent fund. Guransky (2009) says that managing such a portfolio in a highly dynamic environment especially when the number of funding sources exceeds 10 is very difficult and the HSO may find it difficult to comply with every provider in the absence of supporting software. ...
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