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Reading Response With the rapid advancement of computer technology recent years have seen significant shifts in the very structural ways that individuals interact with computers. While most prominently witnessed in the debuts of the Apple iPad and iPod, computer technology has increasingly seen the incorporation of gestural interaction over mouse or touch-interfaces.


Because of the nature of this new mode of computer interaction, this technology is now referred to as natural user interface. In terms of the core functionality of this technology, it’s noted that this technology is primarily concerned with visibility in terms of the main computer menus. Such interfaces have a history dating back to the 1960s, with multiple-touch systems debuting in the 1980s; prominently these interfaces have existed within game design and electronic input devices such as musical instruments. Still, one recognizes that such incorporations of the technology provide a liberal definition of the interface. Notably, Norman (2010) indicates that gestural interaction is not an objective element of human existence, but is culturally specific. In these regards, one considers that these technological innovations are not simply altering the way humans interact with computers, but extending the nature of cultural non-verbal communication globally. Still, Norman (2010) notes that gestures also present a number of problems in successful computer integration. ...
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