history of the world via its technologies up to 1492.

history of the world  via its technologies up to 1492. Essay example
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History of the world via its technologies up to 1492 A relatively objective account of the history of technological development starts from the time events and information were started to be recorded, though there is a lot that had happened before the commencement of recording or writing.


Amongst the most technologically advanced civilizations in the recorded history is the Ice Age Civilization. “The Jomon people … survive as the Ainu of Hokkaido and northern Honshu, the northeasternmost Japanese islands. They were displaced by Yayoi invaders from Korea around 400 BC” (Smith, n.d.). Containers from the Jomon pottery happen to be the oldest known containers. They are thought to have existed 11600 years ago and thus, belong to the era before the culmination of Ice Age. Turkish were the oldest in Africa, Asia and Europe dating back to almost 10500 years. Making use of the water-tight Jomon containers, people found it easy to boil their food to get rid of germs and steam it. This made it possible for the Jomon Ice Age Civilization to enrich and diversify their diet with more nutritious and hygienic food including shellfish and steamed vegetables with large green leaves. They were aware of the positive effects of boiling the food on its hygiene and thus, people of the Jomon Ice Age Civilization boiled such foods like acorns to decrease their toxicity. Boiling the food also made it soft enough to be fed to toothless infants and old people. ...
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