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Discussion 5 and 6 Pose a question or topic about technology that has peaked your interest from this week's reading. Engage in some of your fellow students' questions. Think of this as an opportunity to engage ideas you might want to pursue further. The diffusion and absorption concept of technologies into societies and their cultural orientation, as put forth in the readings did evoke several questions among me and my fellow students.


The issue at hand is not the impact that the technology would have on the culture of a society that has yet to reach the evolution level of societies in the developed world, but rather the societies in the least developed world. Information technology is given high importance in the article, with the inference that the modern societies are information driven. This is true of the developed world. However, it becomes diminished in value in the least developed countries, where the culture of the society has not evolved to be in a position to accept a high technology. For instance, in such societies, being literate in terms of the developed world may be a luxury very few can afford, and so the vast majority of the society remains illiterate. For a high technology like the Internet to diffuse and be absorbed in this society would be nigh impossible , because of the complexity involved in the use of the technology. Yes, there is mention complexity of the technological product acting as a barrier to diffusion in a society, but the complexity suggested there is much higher than the simple ability to read and write. ...
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