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Discussion 9 and 10

It has affected many different mechanisms in the way humans work and interact such as information gathering and information sharing. However, the advent of the Internet has also had many effects on the way that people think, they way that they structure their time, their perceptions and the manner in which they structure their interests. An example of this is social media, which is internet content that relies on content generated by users. Such social media includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace. For many the use of such sites has become a daily ritual, often supplanting things that they are meant to be doing, such as studying or working. This essay will examine the manner in which technology alters the structure of our interests in respect to the Internet and associated technologies. It will involve a in-depth review of the literature available, and if an unaddressed area still remains than a qualitative research method will be determined. References Ceruzzi, P. E. (2004). The "Problem" of Computer-Computer Communication, 1995-2000: A Technological Fix. In L. Rosner (Ed.), The Technological Fix (pp. 203-217). New York: Taylor & Francis Books, Inc.  Discussion Two For this I originally planned to ‘fast’ from using the Internet. ...
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Discussion One One of the largest developments of the computing era has been the Internet. First developed as a tool for the Department of Defense, and then becoming accessible to the general population through the development of browser technology, the Internet has allowed for communication between computers …
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