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Running Head: SUSTAINABILITY AND VISUAL ARTS Sustainability and Visual Arts [Name] [University] Sustainability and Visual Arts Introduction Nature has had a long history of influencing art, one that has extended from the masters bringing their palettes into their gardens to the contemporary earthworks of Andy Goldsworthy and others (Spaid, 2002).


Unlike other artist, who work in sites that can be difficult for the average viewer to experience firsthand, Steinman works in the heart of cities. In Mandela Artscape (1998 - 2002, West Oakland, California) (see Figure 1), Steinman literally worked in the middle of the street, at the crossroads of industry and ecology. This project involved regrouping West Oakland community members to reclaim a part of their town that had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1989, by turning the site into a creative, interactive, and environmentally friendly work of art. (Steinman, 2012). Figure 1: Mandela Artscape (Source: Steinman is not the first to transform the horrors ofa natural disaster into a reclamation project. In 1964, the "Great Good Friday Earthquake," the second largest recorded earthquake at that time with a magnitude of 9.2 on the Richter Scale, struck Anchorage, Alaska. One-hundred-and-thirty-one people perished, towns were buried, and tsunamis tore across the area. The only possible positive outcome of such a terrible natural catastrophe is the proactive and innovative reaction of the survivors (US Geological Survey, 2004). The Anchorage Earthquake Park (figure 2) is the result of one particular reaction. ...
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