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West Music Recording Corporation Mission
The mission of west music recording company website is to provide artistes with information on recording. The site will ensure people find details about top music and musicians on a regular basis.


The company representative gave the requirements required were such as providing the company profile. This profile would enable the business get as many clients as possible. Mailing capability was another thing the website was supposed to provide to allow their clients contact them with easiness. Music listeners were supposed to be incorporated in the site requirement specification. The listener stated some of the requirement they would have its to see the top musician on the billboard. The second requirement was to know the best ranked music at any moment. This would allow this person to download the latest music without going to a lot headache. The musicians who are the main clients of the company had to be considered, and a representative was found. The interview revealed the need of a profile page to enable the musician make a decision whether or not hire the company. They also required a contact page to communicate with the company without moving outside the website.
Collecting of user requirement was involving because some users gave conflicting requirements. This required my ability in decision making, which sometime would not favor all the users. Another problem was starting to collect requirements from users without informing them on the need of providing this information. ...
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