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Technology Implementation Paper With the modern technological advancement the management and running of business has attained a completely new dimension. There have been numerous improvements in communication, information processing and business management.


Implementation of the newly developed information system follows successful design and development of the system. This paper will therefore give details and recommendations on how the new technology system should be implemented. Being the manager in charge of implementing the new information system my main objective will be to ensure that the new system is efficient. In an organization, change is very important since it determines success. Implementing the new technology system is equivalent to introducing changes into the organization. Resisting change is human nature. This implies that people will struggle to retain their known methods and procedures of operation in the organization. To implement the new system successfully will therefore require overcoming people’s attitude towards change (Grover, 2009). This will be the first step towards successful implementation and it would require involving the people. The organization need to have specific implementation procedures for the specific systems required in the organization. An EMR system is one of the technological systems required in the organization that would require successful implementation to benefit the organization. For the organization to be up to date with the modern technological development, it requires to eliminate paper work using this system. ...
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