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The approach for accessing X stream from a remote location encompasses Open System Interconnection (OSI) as well as the TCP/IP model. There are many methods, procedures, technologies and processes that are associated with each layer of these two OSI models.


Usually, it is considered and agreed that the TCP/IP model has less layers than the OSI model i.e. Application layer, Transport layer, Network layer and Network access layer. TCP/IP model is illustrated in Exhibit 1.1 below. Exhibit 1.1 TCP/IP Model Image retrieved from (Network Communication Architecture and Protocols: TCP/IP Four Layers Architecture Model. 2007. Javvin Technologies, Inc, pp. 4-4.) The application layer incorporates protocols including FTP, SMTP, Telnet etc. These application layer protocols send data to the next layer i.e. transport layer. The transport layer than constructs the header and data to send it via Transmission control Protocol (TCP) or User Data gram Protocol (UDP). Likewise, the network layer assigns the IP address and delivers the packet to the required Ethernet present at the network access layer. An example of data transmission between X stream and home computer is illustrated in Exhibit 1.2. The example shows the involvement of each layer in sequence in order to deliver the connection request to the X stream server from the home user. Exhibit 1.2 Example demonstration via TCP/IP Model Protocol Layering After discussing the layers of the TCP/IP Model, we will now discuss protocol layering on these layers in order to explain the access mechanisms that are carried out when a home user wants to access the X stream. ...
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