Local Area Network Design/ Network fundamental

Local Area Network Design/ Network fundamental Assignment example
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Report on Local Area Network/Network Fundamentals Name: XXXXX Professor: XXXXX Institution: XXXXX Course: XXXXX Date: XXXXX Current LAN Network problems Ageing Cabinets/ traffic issues Despite the current network being wired with the CAT 5 cabling, the current cabinets that hold the patch panels need replacement.


In addition, the current switch location points need to be changed. For effective network design, the needs to be switch located on each floor. The current router which is an ADSL modem being in use needs to be replaced. This is because the proposed merger will mean huge traffic from the various departments with regard to the Internet. Each departmental bandwidth requirement is not established as well as the QOS requirements for the different applications. An ADSL modem speeds go up to a maximum of 10mbps and which cannot support the new merger. The speeds also vary quite considerably. They also have faster downloads as compared to uploads. Outdated Windows Server 2000 The current windows server 2000 server needs to be upgraded to a more advanced server. There is no organized way of handling the data as well as the documents. They are stored in unorganized way which can be a great issue when it comes to file management issues. Incompatible Systems Several departments in both companies are using different systems that are incompatible. A good example is the accounts department which is using different payroll systems and stock control systems which are incompatible. After the merger this means that the firm needs to purchase compatible payroll and stock control system. ...
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