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Essay example - about Photoshop

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I would like to say first that when this activity was first laid out, the most immediate thing that came to mind was Apple or those products associated with the brand. This is not surprising because Photoshop is fundamentally a technological tool and a creative endeavor using it…

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I think that for the past couple of years, they have significantly evolved into something much more interesting than their circumstance a decade ago when Apple is merely all about the "mac". For this purpose, I used three photographs: a photo of the Apple Store in New York; a photo of Steve Jobs; and, a photo of myself. I have edited these three materials in order to be integrated into one seamless poster of an important artifact of the twenty-first century.
As previously mentioned, Apple has undergone a significant transformation, significantly changing its focus since the 1990s. For years, it the organization has been steadfast and determined to uphold its core value as represented in the "mac" computer, including its own operating system. In this period, Apple has built a cult following, who were rabidly consuming each release of the "mac" hardware and the OSX platform. In the past years, however, Apple has diversified into several other products, particularly in mobile devices. Because of this, it has achieved significant amount of mainstream success. It has perfected a unique formula for its products, which is composed of tightly controlled ecosystem and extremely beautiful and user-friendly interfaces for its devices. I would like to capture this essence, first and foremost. In order to do this, I selected the Apple Store in New York. This particular image impressed me because it has several elements, which I think is representative of this aspect of the Apple brand. If one looks at the image, the Apple Store, resplendent in glass and steel is surrounded by buildings, dimmed by the night setting. Two of these building were prominently shown flanking the Apple glass box. On the left is a classically designed building, while on the right, stood a modernist concrete structure. For me, the tableaux can tell us two things if one follows the photographic principles especially that about semiotic codes. First is that Apple is not afraid to ...
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