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Evaluation Criteria For the R&D Report Abstract: summarizes the entire research report in approximately 1% of the paper length. – 250 The technology industry is one of the fast growing industries in modern day economy if not the fastest growing. The basic principle and reason underlining the growth of the technology industry is in the fact that there continue to be innovations and initiative inputs that keeps offering users and consumers with alternative, advanced and preferential options.


The basis of the research and development was to come out with a technology based mechanism to check intellectual property right abuses on the internet. Among other things, the report revealed that day in an out, there continue to be abuses on the internet and with the use of media inventions because keep using the intellectual products of other people for free. In a brief data collection finding, it was revealed that more and more leaders in the creative media industry are becoming discouraged in the hope of the industry as a viable economic source because their products are being used for free without any incomes coming to them. The solution devised was therefore a simple software development that would ensure that all forms of automated use of media without streamlined permission are forbidden. This will be a system that will ensure that no download or streaming is done on the internet with the original owners of property having some income. Table of Contents: lists sections (including appendices) and important headings. List of Illustrations: lists figures, tables, and other graphics. ...
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