The most common SlS/M and EBM machine provider s based on metal powder bed - Essay Example

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The most common SlS/M and EBM machine provider s based on metal powder bed

Concept laser sells three different laser cusing platforms M1, M2 and M3 (Gibson, Rosen, & Stucker, 2009, p. 125). The technique or technology generates components one layer after the other through the use of 3D CAD data. This technique allows for the manufacture of complex component geometrics that do not contain moulds. This includes complex structural geometrics that can only be implemented with the use of conventional techniques. The laser cusing technique has been used by the company in the manufacture of components, both prototypes and series parts for the following industries: medical, dental, aviation, automotive and space (Hoffman, 2011). The processing plants at concept laser are used in the processing of powder materials from stainless steel, reactive aluminum, titanium alloys, nickel based alloys and cobalt chrome alloys. It is believed that in future they are also going to process silver and gold. The uniqueness in the technology used at concept laser is a random process control of the slice segments which are then processed in succession which in the end leads to a substantial reduction of stress in the final component (Hoffman, 2011). ...
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Company Machine Provider Based on Metal Powder Bed (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) Concept laser Concept laser Gmbh is a company that manufactures rapid manufacturing systems that are used as building parts and tools straight from 3D CAD designs. They make machines that are marketed using the term “laser cusing,” This term is derived from cladding and fusing…
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