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Nanobots Introduction The late 20th century witnessed tremendous advances in terms of technology. Rapid development of computer and processor technology was coupled with increasing efficiency. Every year witnessed increased developments within increasingly smaller spaces.


This essay examines the nanobot in terms of its purpose, function, development, as well as the moral and ethical concerns related to its implementation in the contemporary and future world environments. Analysis What is this technology? Nanobots are the product of nanotechnology. This is technology that functions within exceptionally small confines – namely within a nanometer (10?9 meters). The field of nanorobotics implements nanotechnology in the creation and engineering of robotic devices ranging in size from 0.1-10 micrometers. These robots are recognized to also be composed of micro or nano processors or components. When one considers that in the mid-20th century the only computers that existed filled a room, the emergence of such nanotechnology measures only a half-century later is a tremendous technological advance. Nanotechnology is created from a bottom up process where the technology is created one atom at a time, allowing developers to achieve the astoundingly small size requirements. Currently nanorobotic technology is in a proto-stage, as primitive molecular machines have been developed. There are also sensors that measure only 1.5 nanometers that are able to identify specific molecules in a chemical conglomerate. Even while nanobots remain largely in the formative development stages, it’s recognized that in the upcoming decade they will increasingly become a part of our daily lives. ...
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