Speech to an existing presentation etc. - Control System Design Knowledge requested??

Speech to an existing presentation etc. - Control System Design Knowledge requested?? Term Paper example
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Name Task Tutor Date Flight Control system Introduction Good morning dear Paul and colleagues, I am much splendid to be with you at this moment. I understand that you have various duties in your offices. This means you are diligently committed to your responsibilities.


It also helps the planes to stick to their routes during a flight process. I have observed this as a very helpful project that can reduce many problems in the transport sector, most importantly air transport. I would like to get your support in this project. At this juncture, let me introduce the project and give you its status together with the problems that I have experienced in carrying out the project. In the due course of my presentation, I will also show you the solutions that I took to solve the problems that I came across. Finally, I will give you the opportunity to listen to decisions that I took as remedies to the experiences, which I had. The system comprises of three parts; flight monitoring unit, which is our own unit, safety unit together with radar and defense system. The systems work hand in hand with each other smoothly to reduce any risks that can arise at any stage of the flight process. The flight-monitoring unit is divided into four partners but since we are the system OEM we are responsible for the completely functioning processes of the unit. The partners that we indentified to help us manage the system are Laissez Fair with twelve percent, Bankarottair who is holding nineteen percent and Rashid Air System has a share of twenty-three percent. We are yet to identify any partner who will be in charge of parachute control. ...
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