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Electronic Displays Electronic displays are commonly used in personal computers, car navigation systems, mobile phones, televisions and other electronic devices (Namikawa 2007, p119). There are different types of electronic displays, usually classified according to technology, application, and environment.


Electronic paper is a more recent electronic display technology (Facchetti and Marks 2010, p213). Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) CRT is a vacuum tube that uses a hot filament to produce electrostatic, magnetic fields, and thermo-electrons to “focus the electrons into a beam attracted to the high voltage anode which is the phosphor emit luminous radiation” (Maxim Integrated Products 2002, p1). Color CRTs generally utilize three electron sources or guns to target blue, green, and red phosphor prototypes to the screen. Electro-Luminescent Display (ELD) EL display is a solid-state display that uses phosphor to discharge light or a beam in the presence of an electric field. Phosphors utilized are generally green or yellow-orange (Maxim Integrated Products 2002, p1). Flip-Dot Display Each pixel is composed of a hinged disk. The disk is characterized by a reflective or a fluorescent (lit) on one side and a matt black on the other side (unlit). Various methods are used to flip the disk. One technique balances the disk around the electromagnetic soft iron framework. The winding is strengthened to attract the disk towards either of the sides. ...
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