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Read Ch's 9 & 10 in the book Creating Graphics for Learning and Performance

It also depends on the learner, the task, the content, the environment, level of skill of the design and other visual elements. When it comes to design, decisions on what type to use do not follow any thumb rule, and that is why design is both a science and an art and thus decision on type to be used is the designer to make. Q. Are Serifs better than sans for reading? Serif typefaces have little extensions at the end of character. Sans serifs on the other hand, do not have those little extensions at the end. At large, sans are considered more readable especially in electronic based presentations such as PowerPoint presentations. This is normally because, in high resolution, serifs are not well shown thus making serif typefaces to lose their readability. Therefore, sans serifs are always preferred to serifs when it comes to writing of computer-based instructional material. However, most people seem to hold the belief that reading body text written in serif typeface is easier especially for extended text (William &Tollet, 1998). According William, readability is concerned with the ease of reading extended text, a lot of text, pages of text, and pages. Can I therefore claim that serifs are better than sans for reading? I would say Yes and No. No, sans are rather better than serifs when used in preparing instructional material, when legibility is the goal. ...Show more


READ CH'S 9 & 10 IN THE BOOK CREATING GRAPHICS FOR LEARNING AND PERFORMANCE Name: Institution: Date: Chapter 9 Focus Questions Q. What is a Font? This is a typeface of a specific point size, which is computer-generated. For instance, Calibri 14-point is a font, as is Calibri 12-point…
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