Select 3 artworks designed by 3 graphic artists of your choice. Following an extensive research on the elements and principles - Essay Example

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Select 3 artworks designed by 3 graphic artists of your choice. Following an extensive research on the elements and principles

The message in it is feeling good. Although there is a sense of humor in the design of this work, this has not overridden the sense of seriousness in it because his sincere thoughtfulness and intimate approach elevate his design. Evidently, the graphic designer has managed to achieve a commendable presentation of the elements and principles of art in this piece of work. The color selection and distribution has been wisely done and this has created a good tonal contrast, enhanced harmony in the artwork and helped to mark out the shapes of the various components of the artwork more clearly. There is a good contrast between the various components of the art like the acacia trees, the shrubs, the Good design and the sky. Texture and shape are well brought out in the artwork using shapes, color and lines. A single look at artwork is enough to reveal that the acacia leaves are smooth but they have sharp thorns and the branches of the shrubs are sharp and prickly. The artist has managed to stimulate the ‘feel good mood’ through a strategic positioning of the Good design, using color contrast and shape to emphasize on it and the use of the bright color tones around it. The tactful tilting of G and d is powerful enough to provoke limitless feeling of happiness in the viewers of the artwork. ...
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Artworks Critiques Stefan Sagmeister Stefan Sagmeister is a New York-based graphic artist who has managed to use graphic art to touch the lives of other people. His latest collections fall under what he describes as “the things I have learnt so far” (Design&Life 17)…
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