Researching and Exploiting an Emergent Multimedia Technology (Cloud Streaming Technology)

Researching and Exploiting an Emergent Multimedia Technology (Cloud Streaming Technology) Essay example
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Emerging technologies Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Emerging technologies is by simple definition the advances that have emerged with time in the contemporary world of technology. (Hung, D & Khine, M. S, 2006, p 459) The term refers to new developments that have been made as a result of research over the years.


The short comings of these methods of storage called for better ways of data preservation hence the discovery of paper and later secret safes that were used to store classified information. Decades later, the world enjoys an unlimited number of technological options to choose from. Modern technology too has continued to grow in leaps and bounds with incremental and disruptive developments being made daily. Incremental development is whereby a development in one sector is so as to improve on a previous development that had already been made. (Kendall, K E, 1999, pp32-46) These inventions come in with highly sophisticated and efficient apparatus. Machines that more than double human output, this means that production is taken to a higher level thus the supply to consumers is made easier and available thanks to these inventions. A good example can be drawn from the development of play stations which was a follow up of the traditional brick games. Other examples of incremental development are the use of tractors in agriculture as an improvement on the traditional hoe used to plough, use of modern processing and storage facilities instead of the previous versions of the same and the use of electric trains is also an improvement on the locomotive. ...
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