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Essay example - Fashion & Consumer Culture , " Consumption is a site of social struggle between structure and agency"

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Consumption is a site of social struggle between structure and agency Name Institution Ever since, women and men have always been conscious of how they look. In business too, the image one portrays is extremely beneficial in business and may depict his or her personality (Yurchisin 2010, p.5)…

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Fashion has become part of the society. Many people have derived advantages from the fashion industry. The essay below is going to discuss how Consumption is a site of social struggle between structure and agency. The fashion and design culture started in the past limited to certain aspects in the society. For instance, in the past, it was easy to judge from the quality and the fabric used on a given clothe the social status of a certain person. Nowadays many more dimensions have evolved and considered as under the following: conservative or progressive, low or high educational level, low or high ecological awareness or more (Yurchisin 2010, p.13). Culture is a unique entity and fashion got its way to its heart million of years ago. With fashion, people often regard it to some cultures that have been there since time immemorial. Take for instance wearing of skirts by the Scottish people. In as much as fashion has more been likened to language since the past, still there is a vast gap existing between them. Language has grammar, and the sequence of the words provides meaning. Clothing, on the other hand has constantly perceived as one entity, not as a sequence, plus has no grammar. ...
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