How does CRM help companies with their customers?

 How does CRM help companies with their customers? Term Paper example
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Student name Professor Name ID # Date How does CRM help companies with their customers? The Customer Relationship Management (or simply CRM) refers to a strategy that business organizations implement to manage customers’ communications. One well-known instance of a CRM policy is the rewards card program available at numerous supermarkets.


Thus, on the basis of such application of information, the store is able to offer its clientele targeted coupons and additional programs that will motivate its consumers to purchase more products from that store (Connick; Turban, Leidner and McLean). In addition, the customer relationship management is an information industry paradigm intended for software, methodologies and especially the Internet service that facilitates a company to manage customer relationships in a well-organized way (Williams; Turban, Leidner and McLean). This paper will discuss some of the important aspects of customer relationship management and how CRM help companies with their customers. The basic purpose of this research is to assess the potential influence of effective CRM policies, technologies and strategies for building better customer services for any business. Customer Relationship Management Systems In the past, the customers’ data were stored in various remote systems in a variety of functional departments, for instance, sales, finance, distribution, and marketing. On the other hand, the emergence of e-commerce created huge amounts of customer data that were not incorporated with the data in the service area of the information system. ...
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