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RGB LEDs Colour Mixing Controller Name: Institution: Date: Synopsis of the experiment In the experiment, the controller will be designed to maintain LED colour points within a colour mixing strip. In order to achieve this, conditions of communication at each stage were set.


The primary colour circuit referred to as the RGB LED driver circuit includes individual light emitting diodes that were used in the experiment. Given that this circuit combines three LEDs, it provides a gateway for one control such that achievement of the three individual colours could be made. The sensor circuits were used to measure the intensities of light produced from each diode. By amplifying negative output voltage, polarity of this circuit will be inverted by use of an inverting amplifier. Then this voltage is directed to RGB LED circuit above and in practicality, to the inputs of P1C1F872 terminals A/D. The last part of the circuit encompasses the switching control unit specifically made for purposes of switching the controller on and off and thus feeding with lighting instructions. Aims and objectives The major aim of designing a light emitting diode mixing controller is largely for managing and controlling light emitting diodes colour points. It is also responsible for maintaining the controlled light colours to produce desired lighting effects. Another aim is to reduce cases of failed colour lighting in producing the RGB effect. For these aims to be achieved, specific objectives are necessary. Firstly, identification of all required equipment such as LEDs and power sources with appropriate current feeding is made. ...
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