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Running head: Electronic Communications Name: Professor: Course Name: Course Title: Course Number: Date Due Electronic Communications Definition of terms According to Shannon (59), communication is the act of conveying message; it is therefore the transfer of information from one point to another through a channel.


Introduction With the advancement in technology, communication has over the years taken a new direction and adopted use of electronic media in the transmission and receiving of messages. However, the concept of electronic communication remains poorly understood by many people. This paper outlines categorically some examples that will help highlight the latter issue for ease of understanding. Basically, there are three types of electronic communications. These include: Simplex This is basically the simplest type of electronic communication and whereby transfer of messages is towards one direction at a time. In other words, the communication is one-way. Examples of such communication are: personal receiver (beeper), TV broadcasting and radio. Half duplex It’s a two way communication, but the message is transmitted by one party at a time. Examples of this include: police or military radio transmission, family radio, amateur radio etc. Full duplex This is the form in which most of the recent electronic communication adopts today. This is where people can transmit and receive messages simultaneously and a good example is the telephone. ...
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