An Analysis of the Significance of Guns as a Technology

An Analysis of the Significance of Guns as a Technology Essay example
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Student's Full Name: Professor’s Name: The Significance of Guns (as a technology) 24 April 2012 (estimated word count = 1,313) Introduction The early humans who lived in caves had relied on their brute physical power so that they could survive in the wild.


Some of these groups had competed against each other for food and survival; those who lasted a bit longer managed to do so with the introduction of new technologies, the use of “advanced weaponry” through the use of javelins, spears, knives and arrows for big-game hunting. It may be right to say the first arms race among humans occurred between cavemen using wood clubs.1 Human societies progress and change over long periods of time through either of the two change processes: evolutionary and revolutionary change. The first is gradual while in the latter, it is a drastic change which entails an inflection point which is a break in the pattern of things. Inflection points are potentially disruptive, as what Andy Grove in giant chip maker of Intel pointed out, a change which people must embrace and adopt, in order to survive (Grove 105) because these points alter the existing paradigms and status quo and even risky at times. American sociologist William Fielding Ogburn described social change as either a material or non-material change (an example of material change was the introduction of the iron plow) or in the case of non-material change, the rise of capitalism and its opposite, communism. ...
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