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Construction Technology Name: Course Tutor: Institution Department: Date: Construction technology Applying Improved Technology and Techniques An exit from the traditional building approach is necessary to enjoy the advances in technology and techniques associated to construction equipment, materials, and methods.


This new and innovative techniques and materials enhance quality, minimize the time limit of the construction project, and eventually results in lower life cycle costs (Ole, & Karlshoej, 2012).. As the rat race in competition in the construction industry increases to a high level, the construction projects needs a win-win method in order to get the maximal benefit and at the same time sustain the quality for keeping the pace with the quickly evolving market. The methods demands cost control particularly in the project design process, which has a significant role in the procedures and financial management of the project. According to Pauwels, et al, (2009) the adoption of cost control used in many aspects of construction and some skills is important for controlling the cost in the design processes of project construction. The skills and implements could be useful in the construction industry in optimizing the design process and provide beneficial influence by increasing the number of successful projects hence promoting the development of the construction industry as a whole. In these modern times, the competition within the construction industry is always on the increase and the profit margins are continuously reducing. ...
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