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Title: Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Design and Technology Lettering Design mostly involves drawings, but text must also be used to successfully communicate. In design and technology, lettering is an important element that contributes to the communication in the design and technology filed.


Lettering in the technical and design field is done by the use of freehand, mechanical and modernized approaches. The essence of lettering design is to have clear and conscience representation. Under freehand lettering is the quickest and most effective in physical applications. There are rules that govern how the lettering is to be done such as drawing a line in the middle of the space where the letter has to be revolved around since in the case of letters, the central line, except in the case of ‘A’ has to appear on that plane. The lettering using free hand is the most challenging since the hand patterns have to follow design guidelines such s the use of the top-heavy approach to make the letters more stable. In mechanical lettering, the writer makes use of templates to guide their hand motion. The templates used guide the lettering process, though lettering under mechanical means requires that the writer use a single stroke in each case. Auto cad AutoCAD is basically a design and engineering software to represent engineering concepts in form of drawings with the use of computing skills. ...
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