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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Strathfield Health Centre Introduction Inventory is thought to be the key to success. Proper inventory transforms resources into profits (Silver 2). The sooner inventory turns, the larger the success. Inventory is the main factor that brings success to the supply chain management.


It will also demonstrate an ability to relate key roles of information systems in improving supply and inventory activities. The point of supply chain managing is to do away with inefficiencies, mainly surplus inventory. Inventory is a barrier to uncertainty. Uncertainty is hard to predict. Partnership between supply chain allies assists to lessen uncertainty since they have a faster ability to react and adjust, but they do not eradicate it. Supply chain visibility is extremely valuable, in that, it eases uncertainty and manages inventories (Silver 7). This would make it easier for SHC to know what inventory is where in the supply chain. This should be from purchase demands to suppliers to where customer demands are collected at supply centers, the better SHC can run their inventory. People, process and skill used to manage all inventory should be examined by the SHC. The following method should be applied by the SHC management team in order to improve its supply of medical products. Plan for an improved supply system In order to manage an office supplies inventory, SHC needs recognize everything that is happening around them. The SHC team needs to look over their office supplies and determine which items are mostly used in the health centre. ...
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