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Title: SECURITY ASSESSMENT CHECK FOR PREMIER COMMERCIAL BANK Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I am a senior employee of the Premier Commercial Bank working as an Internal Systems Controller in the IT Department. My major duties involve ensuring that all systems and security measures within the bank are well advanced and kept up to date.


I performed this security check in collaboration with Securex security firm Premier commercial bank is one of the largest asset financed bank in the region that has a broad customer base across the region. The bank deals in so many transactions and they are as outlined; depository transactions, withdrawal transactions, credit advancement services, Personal and business loan services, mortgages among others. In line with our mission statement, Premier commercial bank seeks to maintain proper custody and care of the client’s money at all times. This is done through ensuring that proper handling and correct security measures are complied with so as no to contradict our goal. Within the Bank there are certain sections that may be prone to security violation and they include: Automated Teller Machines, Mobile banking services, Internet banking, Electronic money transfers, physical building security, safety of cash in transit, Strong money room and the banking hall. All these are areas whose security has to be properly counterchecked at all times. The outlined areas are vulnerable and susceptible to vandalism. ...
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