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Student name Instructor name Course name Date Bauhaus Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Laszlo Moholy-Nagy came to the Bauhaus school to replace Johannes Itten in teaching the foundation class. When he took over, he changed the focus of the class from an exploration of expressionism to a more pragmatic focus on technical design which was the original purpose of the school (Passuth).


He called this the "New Vision" and it centered on the concept of playing with captured light. For example, one of the works he is most known for, the Light Prop for an Electric Stage (now more often called the Light Space Modulator) created shortly after he left the Bauhaus School, is considered a pioneer kinetic sculpture but can also be seen as an example of light art. Perhaps his greatest influence on future designers was bringing the ideas of the Bauhaus, primarily its practical, experimental and technological focus, to the United States through his role in founding the Institute of Design in Chicago. Herbert Bayer Herbert Bayer's first introduction to the Bauhaus was through its intriguing manifesto, a manifesto intriguing enough for him to go to study there starting in 1921. After four years as a student, Bayer became director of printing and advertising for the school and taught classes in typography for another three years (Cohen). Bayer's involvement with the school was focused to a great extent upon advertising and typography, fields he mostly had to make up himself along with a few other classmates as they didn't yet exist at the school. ...
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