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Regular Vacuum Cleaner Name Professor Institution Course Date Regular Vacuum Cleaner The 21st century has seen changes in very many different sectors in the world. These sectors include the economic situation, social relations and the political aspect. All these have had different implications on the people around and thus the various improvements.


One of the most recognized tools used in large scale both commercially and in residential areas is regular vacuum cleaner and an understanding of the competency of the gadget in relation to consumer needs is imperative for the comprehension of its revolutionary aspect. In the analysis of the regular vacuum cleaner in relation to technology and changes in the contemporary world, my company will involve the Strength, Weaknesses, opportunities and threats characteristics (SWOT) to obtain an in-depth analysis of the machine in all aspects to determine the best way forward with the gadget (Pahl, 2009). Focusing on the strengths of the commodity, the design of the cleaner comes in first. The manner in which the commodity is designed in that it is easy to roll provided the small efficient wheels it bears, the fact that it has a motor inside that is sure to revolve all the incoming dust makes it rather reputable. Moreover, the filter on the upper side of the cleaner ensures that the gadget is efficient enough as to only let out clean air if it does let out any. This will be a very important point to be taken by the technology department of the company and specifically the technical department and for maximum efficiency credible qualifications are required. Another strength noticed in the commodity is the maintenance. ...
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